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Location United States
Introduction I never crafted until my sons were 8, 10 and 12. I found ceramics and with a neighbor, purchased green ware, painted, baked in my kiln and marketed on a local scale, to Flower Shops all sorts of unique ceramics. Their pianos were especially noted. Lots of dust and downward swing in the economy lowered my interest in this activity. I tried a craft that took up less space, beading. That is still interesting, but not as much as creating paper projects, especially cards. My oldest stamp is dated 1995. It was an off and on love, but finally, a couple years ago, I became an avid card maker. There is a saying among card makers, “There is never enough paper”. I am now saying “NO” to paper because there is enough paper for now… well, down to one page a month for awhile.
Interests Rubber stamping, photography, Asheron's Call, Keeping in touch with friends.