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Occupation I'm a Mommy.
Location Not even close to where I wish I was., United States
Introduction I'm a Mommy, it's the best. I'm addicted to Coffee, Chocolate and the Internet. I am the Keeper of my domain. :) Things I Love: (In no particular order) Family ~*~ Smiles ~*~ My Kid's Toes ~*~ Friends ~*~ Chocolate ~*~ Mark Sheppard ~*~ Good Books ~*~ Iced Coffee/Cappuccino ~*~ Music ~*~ Snape ~*~ Big Cities ~*~ Fun People ~*~ Anberlin ~*~ Rod Stewart love songs ~*~ Tim Hutton ~*~ New clothes ~*~ Supernatural ~*~ Almond Joy Creamer ~*~ Sean Bean ~*~ The Prt Sc button ~*~ Heavy, Fluffy Comforters ~*~ Destination Truth ~*~ Ghost Hunters ~*~ Pinterest ~*~ David Cook ~*~ NCIS ~*~ Shakespeare ~*~ Alyson Hannigan ~*~ Message Boards ~*~ Writing ~*~ Hugs from my Kid ~*~ Alan Rickman ~*~ #jhbc ~*~ Cell Phones ~*~ Candice Accola ~*~ Chapstick ~*~ Sudoku ~*~ God ~*~ Pajamas ~*~ Pennsylvania ~*~ Frogs ~*~ Christina ~*~ Giles ~*~ Movies ~*~ Newsboys ~*~ Cooking and Baking ~*~ Ham and Pineapple Pizza ~*~ Leverage ~*~ Cake ~*~ Misha Collins ~*~ Candles ~*~ Vampire Diaries ~*~ Love Spell Perfume ~*~ Anthony Head ~*~ Twitter ~*~ Sour Cream ~*~ Snow in my Hair ~*~ Kid's Laugh ~*~ Cold Weather ~*~ Massachusetts.
Interests Reading, Writing, Surfing the net, Facebook, Twitter, Music, Movies, TV, My family of course.
Favorite Movies The Fugitive, Little Women, Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice Equilibrium, Grease, Angels and Demons, Harry Potter Movies, Pirates of the Caribbean Movies, Music and Lyrics, Arsenic and Old Lace, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Dracula 2000, Don't Say a Word, The Prestige, etc, etc, etc. Favorite TV: NCIS, Leverage, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Bones, The Mentalist, Destination Truth, Ghost Hunters, Psych and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Buffy, Friends, Gilmore Girls
Favorite Music Anberlin, Newsboys, David Cook, Kane (Christian Kane), The Beatles, Radiohead, Rod Stewart, The Black Keys, Civil Twilight, Matchbox 20, Mercy Me, etc, etc.
Favorite Books All of Dan Brown's Books, Harry Potter Books, Salem's Lot, The Shining, Little Women, Shakespeare