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Location London, Central, United Kingdom
Introduction A smoker for over 40 years, I am, contrary to all the statistics the nanny government feeds us, still here, and, as I have been for the past thirty years, still grumbling about so-called democratic governments interfering in our personal lives. And if you are worried about "passive smoking" don't bother complaining: I don't believe the data! The same applies to the outrageous rubbish spouted about "global warming" which of course is a lie.
Interests Love and survival
Favorite Movies The Cabinet of Dr Caligari, The Third Man, Farewell my Lovely, Blow up, Baghdad Café, 12 Angry Men
Favorite Music 20th century French organ music, almost any organ music, Tchaikovsky, Bach, Mozart, Jeff Beck, Albert King, Shostakovich (symphonies)
Favorite Books Evelyn Waugh, Raymond Chandler, Dorothy L. Sayers, Lytton Strachey, Julian Maclaren-Ross, Anita Brookner, Rosamond Lehmann, Rose Macaulay

What's the most amount of sand you've ever had in your swimming trunks?

Can't answer: I stay away from sand and water, I don't swim and I don't own a pair of swimming trunks