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Gender MALE
Industry Communications or Media
Occupation Tape Radio DJ
Location Downtown, Connecticut, United States
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Introduction I was a radio DJ for years. (I was known as Gary Hunter who everyone called The Hunter.) Mostly I’m just a wise ass. Hi and welcome to WTIT: The Blog. Here you can find all the tales of the guys who are DJs. “There was a time we authored some of the most popular memes in the blogosphere. The two biggest, Saturday 9 & Sunday Stealing are featured here and new versions are still published by new authors today. Check us out on facebook. We’re on twitter as well, but since we never update it – screw it. Our complete story is on our website, WTIT.net. Our responses to memes are now on WTIT.org
Interests I enjoy long walks, however, they are usually off of short piers. Music is my favorite pastime. I was I DJ on the radio for a lot of years. I like rock from Buddy Holly to Fastball, Fun & new rock.
Favorite Movies Casablanca, The Sure Thing, When Harry Met Sally, Notting Hill, WTIT Film 0, WTIT Film: The Soldier
Favorite Music Beatles, Fastball, Fun, Coldplay, So Long Davey!, Huey Lewis, Daughtry, Sara Bareilles, Third Eye Blind, Counting Crows, Lit, Bowling for Soup, Goo Goo Dolls, Gin Blossoms, Matchbox 20, Van Morrison, Jimmy Buffett & old Stones.
Favorite Books The History of WTIT Volume 5 War & Peace, A Tale of Two Cities. Everything You Want to Know About Sex But Are Afraid to Ask

If your whole body were a hot air balloon, would you stop eating spicy food?

Of course not. Everyone knows that if you eat hot food here that you get easy meals in heaven. If you don't you eat it in hell.