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Introduction Here in America, all through the 20th century, we whites have practiced white flight. First we build the beautiful Metropolis, then we experience invasion from wantins of all types, especially the lower IQed sub-species of humans, then we give it up, exit and start anew elsewhere. Here in the 21st century, we have increased the parameters of our white flight by leaving our America in greater and greater numbers; first we renounce our American citizenship, then we acquire citizenship elsewhere. Ultimately, what we whites are running away from is our duty to protect and preserve what is ours and ours alone, our white gene pool/race/culture and land. Most horrifically, what we are running to, is our extinction. Time to consider our duty to both ourselves and our posterity. First by remaining in our own land, then by seceding from white liberals and their allies, the Negros, Hispanic white/browns and Islamics, and finally by outlawing said white liberals and their allies from our new, most sacred land. May God himself, through Divine Providence, guide us in our holy endeavor, and may we mortal whites find our courage in this, our day of great need. Thank you.