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Occupation Cartographer, Librar"ian"
Location Western Massachusetts, United States
Introduction The Liminal Zone It's where I live, it's my home: That Time of almost feeling, Of barely conscious perceptions And full awareness. I step over the line And dance in wakefulness And act as if committed To the stability of one side Or the other, But I never lose sight Of my safety zone, Which is always in transition And forever changing me. The Space is filled With beautiful characters, And bright and dark, And I touch all And they encourage me. Some taunt me for my lack And weakness. But, tip-toeing across those boundaries, Or stepping lightly and precisely Like a tightrope walker, Is what I do best. Oh, and that's a ball of "Green Apple" Malabrigo Laceweight in Buddha's lap, by the way.
Interests I Read! I Knit! I Read! I Knit! I Read! I Knit!