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Location Santa Monica, California, United States
Introduction I'm a WAHM who spends far too much of her day trying to figure out what to feed her sweet, funny, picky toddler for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When I first started this blog I was working and the best part of my day was coming home, getting into the kitchen with B. and coming up with some tasty and nutritious food for dinner (besides noodles every single night). He’d pull BBQ sauce, mustard, bottles of white wine and maple syrup from the fridge door while I rummaged for ingredients and pretty much eat anything I fed him. The blog was a way to celebrate those moments. Then came the terrible twos and any foodie pretentions went out the window. Now, it’s just about finding ways to sneak fruit and vegetables into the seven things he’ll agree to put into his mouth. It’s pretty boring stuff but I’m keeping up the blog because one day I’m gonna look back and laugh at how seriously I took this feeding responsibility, (especially since I quit my job last year and spend way too much time thinking about what to serve at mealtime). And since I can’t even remember what we had for breakfast today, I have to write it all down to capture the madness and the meals we shared.