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I'm a curious cat from Switzerland, bewitched by everything beautiful. While travelling in Japan I discovered an immense beauty within the lifestyle, mentality and nature of this country. With contrast being one of my hugest sources of inspiration, I never grow tired of exploring the depths of Japanese culture. This blog is where I document my journey and share it with whomever it may interest. One special trait of Japanese culture I aquired is the preparation of Bento. Making a Bento is choosing and preparing food and arranging it into a lunchbox to present a delicious but also beautiful meal. Other than the art of making Bento, there are many different topics on my blog, most of them involving something Japanese such as Japanese lifestyle, art and cuisine, but there are also some Japan-unrelated articles about my personal life here in Switzerland.
Interests travelling, taking pictures, fashion, shoes, swimming, snowboarding, blogging, learning Japanese, concerts, gardening, drawing
Favorite Movies Kamikaze Girls, Gadjo Dilo, Je suis né d'une cigogne, Latcho Drom, Gypsies are found near heaven, Tampopo, All the Boys love Mandy Lane, A Taxing Woman, The Funeral, Blade Runner, Transylvania