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Gender MALE
Industry Manufacturing
Occupation Machinist
Location Bridgewater, Virginia, United States
Introduction I was raised of parents that allowed me the freedom to wonder the county, Baltimore and the Chesapeake Bay. We kids built things, boats, model airplanes, kayaks and other toys. This building of things continued on and was my play, and finally landed me in the machine shop business. It caused me to build sailboats, to take them to sea. My wife and I sailed to Bermuda, the Bahamas and Florida keys. We lived aboard our boat, Kate, fourteen happy years. Some described what we did as a midlife crisis. Does to leave business and home, go off to laze in blue waters and green Islands. To eat lobster,conch,speared fish, wander sandy beaches, to sip sundowners, while surrounded by Island music sound like a crisis? We plotted another course, and gained an outlook not shared by all. In passing, I sometimes see the wizened glance of another who has known a wonderer's freedom. I write fiction and fact, paint a picture and do a now and then sketch then on to build a boat or kayak. I live among, and love the Virginia mountains. Still, I long for the feel of waves, the scent of brine, a press of canvas on spars and line. I'll whistle up a little breeze for my tiny sailboat fair and fine. Doug
Interests manufacturing, sailing, oil painting, boat building, Nonfiction writing, fiction writing, the Arts, and politics
Favorite Movies Master and commander, Dances with wolves, almost all westerns, most adventure, history and war movies
Favorite Music Jazz, Blues, Wagner's Ring Gold and more recently developing a taste for blue grass much to my surprise
Favorite Books Manrey's Tinker Bell, two years before the Mast, all the Mark Twain books

You've rented a sky-writer to propose to your significant other, but it's completely overcast. What will you do?

Tell the pilot to parachute out and give her the message while I learn to fly.