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Industry Student
Occupation Psychology Undergraduate
Location London, England, United Kingdom
Introduction Ok I'm writing this about me thing for like the 10th time now! I'm just going to be honest and say it how it is. I am 20 year old single girl. Now some of you may be looking at your screen and thinking WTF? You're so young blah blah blah enjoy ur life, but I've been with someone who I thought was going to be mine since the age of 14. I broke up with him in November 2010, and I still can't move forward with my life. Having recently read a book (50 Ways To Find A Lover by Lucy-Anne Holmes), I've decided to try and make the best of my single life (until I find superman) and use this blog as a means of support. I know some of you may not approve with some of my actions and decisions but everyone does stupid things and I'm hoping my readers will be able to read without judging me and if they do well.. everyone is entitled to an opinion, but I'm the one that decies is if effects me or not. More often than not it doesn't. (",) Finding Superman Follow my dream diary at Dream Splog BlogCatalog
Interests Sleeping and wasting my life away!
Favorite Movies Its not a film, but I have been watching friends repeatedly, like all day I just watch friends over and over and over. I think its an addiction. It may be an issue that should be dealt with soon.
Favorite Music Rocketeer - Far East Movement
Favorite Books 50 Ways To Find A Lover (Lucy-Anne Holmes)

Your people want to make a statue in your honor. What will it be made out of and what victory will it commemorate?

It wil be made out of choclates cakes and sweets (Like the Skoda advert) and my breasts will be two giant cupcakes. IT will commemorate itself.