Joost van Schaik

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Gender Male
Industry Technology
Occupation Senior Business Apps Developer,Windows Platform Development MVP
Location Amersfoort, Netherlands
Introduction pronounced as: 'Yoast van Schaik'.

Senior Developer / Software Architect, Windows Development MVP.
Mixed Reality, HoloLens, Unity, C#, Xamarin, .NET.
Rogue R&D hacker.
Gardener, Lover of Nature, Amateur philosopher.
Twitter High Volume Achievement Unlocked.
Most likely place to find me: in front of a keyboard.
Most likely place for me to die: in front of a keyboard.

A.k.a. LocalJoost.
Interests HoloLens/Mixed Reality, VR, Xamarin, .NET general, gardening, photography, nature in general
Favorite Movies Neverending Story, Dark Crystal, Jumanji, Triple X 1, Last Action Hero
Favorite Music "Englishman in New York" by Sting, "Beautiful day" by U2, Wise Guys, Peter Fox, Older Rammstein stuff, Vangelis, 80's music
Favorite Books Almost every good SF book (space opera type, you can keep the fantasy)