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Location Tucson, Arizona, United States
Introduction I was a small-town Christian boy when I met with a number of unlikely turns that took me far from my obedient, omnivorous origins. Part memoir and part travelog, interspersed with essays, musings, and tips, Losing My Religions takes you on a journey to true love, crushing betrayals, and near-death & near-marriage experiences. Catholicism, consciousness, depression, drugs, free will, money, photography, relationships, sex, sociology, Sportsball!, & true love are just some of what I deal with in just 31 days. In these pages, you live May 2022 with me, traveling across Europe and the Southwestern US, learning how I became an atheist, father of a non-binary child, a hated and hunted former vegan, and survivor of accidents and illnesses that haven’t killed me. Yet. On the journey, I change my mind, discover three tips everyone should know, and find the first key to happiness. Arriving home, I'm still a cranky old man who should never have been born, broken from lung to heart to neck to jaw to nose. But traveling with my soulmate showed me it is still possible to be “so happy it’s scary” while wearing clothes.