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Industry Student
Occupation Student/Freelance illustrator
Location Columbus, Ohio, United States
Interests Digital art (2D and 3D), traditional art, science, internet culture, physics, literature, math, history, skiing, classical music; I'm at least mildly interested in almost everything else out there.
Favorite Movies Who cares about plot and acting when is's got awesome special effects? XD
Favorite Music I know how to play the violin, viola, and piano pretty decently, though I haven't played lately. I like a lot of different music. Classical (especially baroque), instrumental electronic, instrumental bluegrass (yeah, I know, I know...), happy-hardcore electronic, and I also like music from "other" cultures, traditional European and Eastern especially (love the sitar!) I tend to prefer instrumental music.
Favorite Books Art books! Especially if they have nice glossy color pages and feature the work of some great contemporary illustrators. I also like reading children's books, if they're brilliantly executed. For fiction-- Isaac Asimov, Michael Crighton, Arthur C. Clarke, as you can see, I like Sci-fi. I also like nonfiction stuff about science, history, current events. I also like audiobooks of these things.

You're trapped in a well with a goat and a slinky. Describe how you will escape.

The answer to this question depends on: 1. How deep the well is, 2. Whether the goat's intestines are strong enough to support my body weight. 3. Whether the slinky is metal or plastic (metal would allow me to cut the goat open), and, most importantly: 4. Whether I have a cell phone (with MacGyver's number on it) or not.