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Occupation Book Pusher
Location Bandon, Oregon, United States
Introduction I am a liberal,open minded lady living on the Oregon Coast (Sounds like I am looking for something kinky......I am not). I have been married for 17 years (how did that happen), and I have two children: a boy of twenty one, and a girl of seventeen (once again, how did that happen). I have two geriatric dogs: one 17 who is blind and deaf but happier than he has ever been(passed away end of January 2010, and one that is 15 with bad hips and a skin condition. I am a book pusher for a living so it is a good thing that I love to read. I also love to do anything creative: knit, crochet, make mosaics, color with the BIG box of crayons. Just about anything. I also an addicted to my dang DS BrainAge everyday. It is really helping. Oh, I almost forgot,(hahaha) I love road trips and spending time with my kids and hubby. If I can combine the two it is even better! I LOVE the web site Ravelry!!!
Interests Knitting, Crocheting, Reading, Playing Brain Age on my DS, Walkin' my dogs, Hangin' out with my kids, Road Trips, Laughing my ass off, Making Mosaics, Coloring with the Big box of crayolas, Sewing, Embroidery, ANYTHING CREATIVE!
Favorite Movies I really have never seen a movie that I hated....wait, that is a lie. Dune, I hated Dune. But I can usually find something about a movie to love. I love to laugh and I love the 80's comedies, ya'know the ones with Dan Ackroyd, Chevy Chase, John Candy...those. Also the teen angst movies from then too (Breakfast Club, The Outsiders, ya' know). All-time favorite...probably The Long, Long Trailer with Lucy & Desi. And Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. Brilliant!
Favorite Music I like all types of music. My favorites right now are Spoon, White Stripes, Tegan and Sara, and I will always have a special place in my heart for Prince.
Favorite Books This is a subject I can not start on because I have other things to do today and covering this topic would take quite some time. I will say that I love Augusten Burroughs, I think we may have been twins separated at birth or something. Chuck Pahluniuk from my home town also has a crazy, sick mind that I can appreciate. oh, and Donald Harington who was one hell of a writer that only the critics have heard about (and loved). Check him out!