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Introduction As of May 1, 2020, WHIMSY replaces CwHD as the new title for the weblog. The content remains the same. CwHD began May 1, 2017. Besides thematic essays, the site provides a vehicle for sharing my own words and language. In July, 2019, I opened The Bookstore. This page provides an overview of my published work. My profile 'portrait' is a line drawing of Han Shan, an 8th century Chinese mystic. I use this drawing rather than my own photograph because self-aggrandizement---blowing one's own horn---goes against my grain. Authors I admire a good deal are, for the most part, both reticent and reclusive. There is something too crass about a writer whose name eclipses the title on the covers of their books. Besides, there are too many faces everywhere. The dog featured in the site's logo is Zudnik. He was a wolfdog, a hybrid. His mother was a malamute; his father was a wolf. Few people think breeding wolves and dogs is a good idea. I agree. Zudnik came to me as a gift, and I had no heart for just putting him down. Loving, ferocious, gentle, vicious, he spent ten good years sharing my life. He was a beast, but he was my beast.