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Introduction How to put it in a nutshell?? I'm 46 years old & glad to be here! I had a stroke & minor heart surgery at 35. I've been in chronic pain from a 2001 auto accident that was NOT my fault :) I lost my Mom to cancer in 2005. I miss her more than I can say. I share this so you know where I'm coming from... I LOVE my 2 kids and husband....I'm employed & am FINALLY teaching high school.... Life is hectic AND I LOVE it! Except lately. I wish my Dad didn't have dementia and my son wasn't suicidal.
Interests Family, teaching, photography, sunsets...
Favorite Movies Princess Bride, The Meaning of Life, Shawshank Redemption
Favorite Music I like all music -- my life needs a soundtrack!! Lately my son has been creating it for us. It is nice to have an in house DJ!
Favorite Books The Chronicles of Narnia (I LOVED THEM WAY BEFORE THE MOVIE WAS PLANNED DAMMIT!!!). Sure, I love the Hunger Games, but Ender's Game was better. I'm reading the Divergent series and am liking it!