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Introduction I was diagnosed with unresectable epithelioid sarcoma in August 2006. It presented with a bump in the pelvis and my inguinal (pelvic) lymph nodes were abnormal pretty much upon diagnosis. I did two rounds of adriamycin-based chemo (with mitomycin and cisplatin), but the disease progressed. I then did six cycles of gemzar/taxotere followed by approximately 40 radiation treatments with gemzar as a radiosensitizer. The treatments seemed to sterilize the lymph nodes and control the disease locally, but this triumph was short lived. My retroperineal nodes started growing toward the end of 2007 and I did another two rounds of gem/tax at the advice of my consulting oncologist. The disease progressed (it is not yet visible on my liver or lungs, though I have had multiple pneumothoraces), and I began treatment with temodar. What's next? Who knows...