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Gender MALE
Industry Science
Occupation R & D in Particle Physics (High Energy Physics). Main areas of expertise: Lattice Gauge Theory, Higgs boson, and Supersymmetry. Worked on projects at JPL, UCLA, CERN, and KEK (Tsukuba, Japan).
Location Los Angeles, CA, United States
Introduction I am very concerned about globalization and immigration and their negative effects on White Western civilization. Multiculturalism/multiracialism within a country leads to internal tension and violent conflict... 6,000 years of human warfare proves this (roughly 85% of all wars and conflicts throughout recorded history are entirely based on racial/ethnic/religious conflict; the other 15% are purely ideologically-based). All races and ethnic groups are "tribal" & separatist in nature - these innate characteristics of human nature must be accepted and public policy should be developed with such characteristics in mind. Hence, racial/ethnic homogeneity should be encouraged by policy makers. Pursuing racial/ethnic homogeneity in each country is the most humane way to organize the world's people.

Influential people in the ALT-RIGHT movement include: Ann Coulter, Andrew Anglin, Lauren Southern, Dr. Karl Radl, Henrik Palmgren, and thousands more.

Regarding my professional life, I have a PhD in Physics from Brown University. I work in R & D (research & development) in High Energy Physics.

Interests I reject both Communism and Crony-Capitalism. I subscribe to the ideology of economic and social Fascism, also known as Third Position ideology. In other words, I'm a Nationalist (specifically an Ethnic Nationalist). I want justice and dignity for all ethnic peoples throughout the world -- racial/ethnic separation is the most common sense way to achieve this. I don't want people anywhere in the world to be exploited. I only want that I (as a White man) may live among my own race/ethnicity and exercise my/our (i.e., Whites) right to self-determination. All races and ethnic groups deserve this basic human right. Why? By virtue of the fact they are human beings. In summary, I am a humanitarian. My humanitarianism is based on the laws of nature (which is the basis of all far-right ideology). FAVORITE QUOTE: "The difference between far-right and far-left thinking is the far-right develops law & social policy to be in harmony with nature whereas the far-left ignores nature and creates law & social policy based on how they wish things would be." PAT BUCHANAN (2002). I am a White Nationalist. I'm active in advancing the interests of Whites wherever they live. Groups I consider the enemy: Organized Globalist Jewry and 'Jew-think' Gentiles - this includes both NEOCONS and LEFTISTS/LIBERALS. My main interest is waking up Whites to the dangers we now face and will face in the next 5 - 10 years. At present immigration levels, Whites will be a minority in every Western nation by about 2032. Lastly, I don't like intellectual snobs; I have friends who are plumbers, car salesmen, and retail clerks (in addition to those in my field of High Energy Physics). All people contribute to the world in some manner. Each person has something worthy to say.
Favorite Movies Das Boot, The Hobbit, Snow White and the Huntsman (for its strong Fascist and Ethno-Nationalistic themes; please see my review on www.stormfront.org).
Favorite Music 14th - 17th Century Early Music (mostly French, English, German, and Spanish).
Favorite Books Adios America! by Ann Coulter, Gödel Escher Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid by Douglas Hofstadter, Modern Particle Physics by Mark Thomson... and many other books.

Ask yourself, "Where would the world be without White people?" Whites have always lead science, engineering, technology, medicine, philosophy, literature, music... the list is endless. Whites drive nearly all innovation in most fields. The future of global humanity (all races... all ethnic groups) depends on the survival of the White race.