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Gender Male
Industry Arts
Occupation Writer/Editor
Location Sydney, NSW, Australia
I grew up in a small town and after many years travelling, now live in Sydney. I work in television and have made short films which have screened internationally. I have had many stories and poems published, all over the world.
My first book was the novella, Bottomless River (2012), the second, a poetry collection Caged Without Walls (2013) both through Ginninderra Press.

My seven (as yet unpublished) novels in reverse order.
I, Narcissist: The self obsessed in extremes.
Tru Luv Kills: When two teens fall in love, the outcome is murder.
Ode to Dead Young Friends: A Memoir of four young people whose time came too soon.
R.I.P. Rest In Prime: An aging population has placed a burden on society. There's only one solution.
Oblivion City and Oblivion Terminus: Is it the end of civilization? A young adult dystopian nightmare.
Borders of Bordavia: A children's fantasy. Think Junior Lord of the Rings.

Copyright: Anthony J. Langford
Interests Writing Fiction, Music, Films, Travel... People - Everyone has their own story...
Favorite Movies Lawrence of Arabia, A Clockwork Orange, Magnolia, The Fall, Citizen Kane, Stalker, Thin Red Line, Naked, The Mirror, Spirit of the Beehive, District 9, Happiness, There Will Be Blood, Platoon, Aliens, Network, Giant, The Thing, Reservoir Dogs, American Werewolf in London, Forbidden Planet, Lord of the Rings, The Razor's Edge, No Country for Old Men, Donnie Darko, The Shining, Boogie Nights, Apocalypse Now, Giant, Ferris Bueller, Taxi Driver, Citizen Kane, Blood Simple, Shawshank Redemption, Touch of Evil, Star Wars, Harvey, Re-animator, Peeping Tom, Aguirre-Wrath of God, Breakfast Club, Dawn of the Dead (76), anything by Stanley Kubrick, Tarkovsky (genius), Werner Herzog, Ingmar Bergman, David Lean, Hitchcock, Peter Watkins, Michael Winterbottom, Cassavetes, Orson Welles, P.T. Anderson, Ed Wood & Abbott & Costello - lol
Favorite Music Listening to new material all the time but ; Deerhunter, Arcade Fire, Band of Horses, Temper Trap, Atlas Sound, Engineers, Silversun Pickups, Bell X1, The National, Mew, Kings of Leon, Art of Fighting, Sigur Ros, Howling Bells, Radiohead, The Panics, Editors, Muse, Temper Trap, Spoon, Fourth Floor Collapse, Smashing Pumpkins(pre-2000), Pink Floyd, Shins, Placebo, 78 Saab, Stereophonics, Icecream Hands, Bluebottle Kiss, Nick Drake, Interpol, Television, Manic St.Preachers, Charlatans, The Verve (90's), The Church, Depeche Mode, Augie March, Ride (& other shoegazers), Bright Eyes, Howard Jones, Doves, Echo&Bunnymen, The Cops, Dirty 3, Pink Floyd, Tears for Fears, Bloc Party, Snowman, Red Riders, Only the Sea Slugs, Sydonia, Cyndi Lauper, Expatriate, Belles will Ring, Pulp, Beatles (always).. & many more
Favorite Books Thomas Hardy is up there, beautiful prose.. also Nabokov, Wilde, Bukowski, Burgess, Kerouac - modern, Paul Auster & Alex Miller... literary works, rather than mainstream - something about humanity... or the lack of it. Have educated myself on the literary classics.. I like Tolstoy & Dostoevsky.. but not Joyce. Each to their own.