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Introduction I was three years old when my mother was baptized by Roy Holladay on a nationwide baptizing tour around 1959/60. Started in the Indianapolis, IN church, the went to Cincinnati, OH when it started and then to Dayton, OH when it was started up. Went to SEP Orr, MN in 1971 where I got to see Mark and David Armstrong in action (and there was plenty!), watched our minister get canned because he and his wife were mate swapping with another church couple at a church picnic, got to sit there as Rod Meredith came and yelled and screamed at us as if it was our fault, came to CA, worked for the church, worked for HWA and GTA, went to the infamous Shipwreck party, helped pass out the infamous Systematic Theology Project, sat in Bill Evan's home when GTA was kicked out of WCG as they were deciding how to start a new group for GTA, helped clean out GTA's home, watched Molly Antion loose her Shaklee customer base after HWA kicked out David, saw the on stage fighting by Wayne Cole and Spanky Meredith and the other 'liberals' and the loyal HWA men like Buffy McNair,
Interests I am always looking for books about Armstrongism and the Worldwide Church of God. If you have one that you are getting rid of let me know!
Favorite Movies Saw the disgusting fight with the Rader goons against Kuhn and Antion in the Auditorium lobby, sat like an idiot in the Hall of Ad with my back to the windows as police were standing outside with sledge hammers as Robin Webber and Tkach were leading us in Dwight Armstrong Hymns, helped prepared spaghetti lunch for the protesters inside, saw Stan Rader curse in the Auditorium lobby on national TV, was there when the Church was put back on track, sat in HWA's home while his new honey bun's painted her toenails as we were visiting, saw the church women once again without make-up, got one of the first MOA's copies, worked in the ministerial dining rooms at Feast sites serving drunken and gluttonous ministers and evangelists (not all, but far too many of them), got to watch Raymond Buffy McNair make a fool out of himself at Forum's
Favorite Music was there for the infamous Christmas sermon, got laid off by the church during all the upheaval's, saw first hand the corrupt ministers and evangelists of the countless splinter groups, saw the behind the scenes shenanigan's of the men who formed United while still on WCG payroll, lost hundreds of friends because I would not join one of their pet splinter cults, and now live a great life and half way sane!
Favorite Books Missing Dimension in Sex (loved those hot pictures!)