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Gender Male
Industry Telecommunications
Occupation Corporate Slave, 1st class.
Location Ontario, Canada
Introduction Lived most of my life hidden in the closet and suddenly realized, it's just not working! I started the process of coming out (way back in 2006) and wanted to write about it, hoping to meet people. My blog has shifted a bit now, sometimes gay issues, sometimes every day issues.
Interests Gay, gay issues, gay marriage, gay relationships. Gardening, nature, cookie recipes, baking.
Favorite Movies Changes as I get older, I don't watch that many movies anymore. I like character driven movies and of course gay movies.
Favorite Music I like a little of almost everything. Not really a fan of country or rap but open to both. Stuck in the eighties most times. Live music is great or I like to hang out with friends who play and sing, I help out by staying quiet.
Favorite Books The Naked Ape, To Kill a Mocking Bird, The Night Before Christmas, this is too hard, so many good ones!

What reason do you have to believe the earth is flat?

Is this one of those statements similar to, "all the dinosaurs died because they could not fit onto the ark"?