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Industry Environment
Occupation Underwater photographer/videographer, marine biologist and ocean advocate
Location Florida/Bahamas, United States
Introduction I have always had a passion for the ocean and feel incomplete if I am away from it for too long. The ocean is a lifeline for all people and without it we will not survive. I have traveled around the globe doing shark research and have logged hundreds of hours in the water with some of the largest apex predators in the world. They are the guardians of the oceans as well as being the most misunderstood creatures on the planet. I use my science experience and cameras to show people how incredible these animals are and why their survival is crucial. There is a war being waged against our oceans and the power to make a change lies within each and every one of us. Join me on my adventures around the world, filming sharks and chasing a dream!!!! Check out my latest venture !
Interests sharks, freediving, shark conservation, surfing, travel, scuba diving, boats, photography, video, outreach programs, shark education, running, yoga, cooking and writing.