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Occupation Kinky-Hair Connoisseur
Location Neverland Drive (Stalker's are real, so my location is not-hee hee), Los Angeles/Salt Lake City, United States
Introduction I'm a nappy-haired nerd, and I wear the name proudly, and say "nappy" with love. I want(and will)have my own natural hair care business. I am simply obsessed with natural hair and anyone else's. I used to hate the fact how nerdy I am. Now, I realize that I don't care anymore that I don't fit into a stereotype (I'm a Tobias Funke lovin',mix-matched dressin', Simpson bug drivin' gal.) I have a cat, BayBay, who thinks he is a dog, and a mean glare for anyone who tries to touch my hair without asking. My boyfriend is second only to my cat (what? Me and BayBay have longer history!)and my "dad is rich and my mom's good-looking" as they like to jokingly say.(I think they are joking...)
Favorite Movies Away We Go, Coraline, Catch Me if You Can, Ocean's Eleven and Twelve