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Occupation Registered Nurse
Location Wales, United Kingdom
Introduction If you want to become an author/contributor in the Phantom Nurse blog, email me at Or you can use the Contact Form in the Phantom Nurse blog. Please call me Phantom Nurse. I am a qualified nurse practicing in the UK. I would like to reach out to all patients, colleagues, other healthcare practitioners (whether qualified or unqualified) and students to share their views with everybody. I have my own opinion as a qualified nurse, but, we can have an even broader view with more people sharing their brain-power. This exercise will hopefully help make me and other healthcare practitioners a better healthcare provider. This will also give patients opportunity to make their views heard. You can ask me questions or make a comment. You can email me or use the Contact Form on this site. Please bear in mind that I am not all-knowing, therefore may not have the answers you want. My workplace does not allow me to go onto the internet or on any public domain with any identifiable markers that might lead to them or to them through me, thus the Phantom Nurse pseudoname.