About me

Occupation Wife and Mother
Location OH, United States
Introduction I'm a wife and mother of one. I have a huge family, that I love with all my heart. I play Final Fantasy online with my friends, and just like to make and create stuff for my family and friends in my spare time. Which is a lot. hehe
Interests Lots of Hobbies and interests. Currently it's cardmaking. I also knit, crochet, paint, make beaded jewelry and purses, decorate cakes (use to be my profession), also use to do nails, but not as a profession, just a hobby. I'm sure there's more, but can't think of them all.
Favorite Movies Too many. Despicable me II, has probably been watched more than any movie I own. Kiddie movie, I know, but I love it. So, I guess I'll say it's my favorite. I like a lot of animated movies, and the super hero movies. Avengers, Thor, etc.
Favorite Music I like a wide range of music. I guess heavy metal and hard rock are my favorites, but Honestly, I listen to most anything. Old music, new music, christian, country, rock, techno, trance, classical. It doesn't matter. Anything that is pleasing to my ear.
Favorite Books Again, too many of those to name really. I mostly read fantasy. Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit. I use to read a lot of Stephen King and Anne Rice, but not lately. I did like the hunger game series, and twilight series, but not the movies so much. I think I will try mystery novels next, get away from the fantasy for a bit.