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Introduction In most cases, couples decide to divorce when agreements can't be met within their shared lives. It's only a matter of time where disagreements can cause a couple to become bitter toward one another. This, of course, entails altercation.
Interests When you are in a relationship with someone, it is important to share the dreams you have with your partner and find out theirs as well. Sometimes your relationship is the only comfortable and safe harbor to express your aspirations and goals. And it is very satisfying to know that someone else understands the importance of your dreams and will want to be a part of them. Often with your job and even your friends, you can't express just any opinion on how your life should be. Your employer is taking stock that you will be there for them when they need you. Your goals and dreams may not be in their best interest and they may unwittingly try and sabotage your goals. Strangely enough, friends have a tendency to do this as well...and they may not even know it. Relationships on the other hand, should be made up of two souls inhabiting the same dreams, experiences and common goals for a shared life together. Your partner knowing the whole of you, creates a freedom of expression for themselves. Like a shelter from the storm, it is critical that there is someplace and someone where you can be you. A place to share your dreams without repose. And an ability to express the very essence of your soul without judgment. Is your relationship one of freedom and trust? Getting to know another person completely is not only very enlightening and liberating, it is a gift. Someone else trusting you so wholly is something you can never buy, no matter the cost. Your dreams can never be taken from you no matter how hard the world may try. Sharing them with a partner who truly empathizes with those goals create a bond that is hard pressed to be broken. I've seen friends give up on their dreams when they no longer seemed important to them.