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Gender MALE
Occupation dog
Location Essex, United Kingdom
Introduction I like food, walks, cuddles, more food, the seaside, other dogs, food, my frisbee and destroying things. Most of all I love My People and lots of lovely attention. Some say I'm spoiled. I say I get treated as I should be ;) I'm a healthy happy eight year old. The only thing wrong with me (God willing) is epilepsy which costs my owners lots of money and means I have to eat yukky tablets but otherwise seems to bother them more than it bothers me because they remember my fits and I don't. Other than that, I'm a happy lad and I love my people and I'm lucky to live in a place where there are nice walks. I wouldn't want to live in a town.
Interests Food! And sniffing...I like sniffing...
Favorite Movies Don't like movies, they make my people go out of the house at the weekend.
Favorite Music I don't like music. I leave the room if they put it on.
Favorite Books People read books, silly, dogs can entertain themselves. The best thing to do if a human is reading is to clean your bum really loudly. That stops em.

Do you believe that forks are evolved from spoons?

No. Why do people go to the loo sitting on a white chair when they could go on the ground like we do?