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Occupation Dreamer, star gazer
Location Ontario, Canada
Introduction Into my 5th year with Breast Cancer.I was diagnosed in 2009 with Multifocal Breast Cancer Grade 3 Stage 3 .. You always wonder when that shoe is going to drop. It is part of this process we like to call the New Normal. trust me there is nothing normal about Breast Cancer or it is fun or a lesser Cancer to have..Breast Cancer in spite of what others think is painful.. It is a daily exercise of being patient hoping for the best. As the quote says... ~ Never wait for tomorrow for it is and never has been guaranteed, never wait for tomorrow, because tomorrow is not promised to any man, woman, or child.~ How many times have we heard that some one suddenly passed away? Or you wished you had said those things that should have been before it was too late? Life isn't promised. Time is just a mere speck in the Universe..As are we!