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Introduction Ovie One was born and raised in Washington Heights uptown. At the age of 6 he move to the Kingsbridge section of the Bronx and at the age of 10 discovered graffiti. Ovie was surrounded by graffiti with writers like legend Tracy 168 and hardcore Vandals like Med, Kaze 2, Saze, Alroc and Crime2 living in his neighborhood. These artist represented the era new in New York graffiti lead by Cope2 the legendary king of K.D. (Kings Destroy) and G.O.D. (Gods of Destruction). During junior high Ovie learned the method of graffiti from Saze, Crime2, and Alroc. By 1992 Ovie was already a hardcore Vandal when he was noticed by Cope2 and put down with Cope's crew G.O.D. During the mid 90's Ovie started learning street art as piecing, burners, and wildstyle due to an influence by Flite Tds, Tkid-170 and West Fc. By the Mid 90's Ovie Had seek a new movement influence By the great RIS crew on clean trains movement which included Ghost, Ven, Reas, Bruz, Ket, and JA. Ovie remains an active hardcore writer and still follows the clean train movement for where this art culture once started.