Northern Virginia Gardener

About me

Industry Environment
Occupation Writer/Gardener/Mama
Location Virginia
Introduction Northern Virginia gardeners face construction, clay soil, and climate change. Have you tried to grow flowers or vegetables in the ground, only to watch them fail? Are you disturbed by habitat destruction everywhere you look? When my family purchased a new home several years ago, we were excited to grow vegetables and plant a perennial border. We soon discovered we were surrounded by backfill and poorly laid sod. Little by little, we worked our infertile ground into a wildlife habitat, using mostly native plants. We now grow vegetables in raised beds year-round. Though our yard has come a long way from the barren, muddy field we first encountered, it's an ongoing effort and constant learning experience. Join me and my family on our mission to reduce our lawn, attract birds and butterflies, and sustain the small plot of earth we claim. When I'm not digging in my backyard, I teach gardening and nature classes. I also help local schools design native gardens, wildlife habitat gardens, and organic vegetable gardens. I am a Master Gardener at Green Spring Garden, and I've published garden-related articles in several print and online journals.
Interests Gardening, Birding, Hiking, Writing, Biking, Reading, Knitting, Pottery, Cooking, Nutrition, Family