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Occupation lubricator.
Location United States
Introduction - this is not a cultural wasteland – there is too much focus placed on meaningless bullshit these days – people are consumed by it – there is too much sitting around and doing the same old thing – don't waste your time – do something different – meet new people – find new interests – put yourself in different situations – make good use of what little time you have – there is some cool shit being done by some cool people – the revolution has been fully lubricated and has commenced – this zine is a platform – for whatever you want – music, art, writing, anything and everything – read a book – check out a band – go to an art gallery – submit something for the zine – be as involved as you want – just see all the worthwhile things going on around you and stop wasting your time on the bullshit – ¡viva la revoluciõn!
Interests .family 'n friends and friends who are family. .lubricants of all sorts. .whiskey. .D.I.Y anything. .garage offices/studios. .miller high life. .dive bars. .vinyl. .street art. .silk screening. .railroad tracks. .cultural boners. .graffiti. .pbr. .poetry. .photography. .books. .typewriters. .skateboarding. .music. .films. .expressing yourself. .mixed cassette tapes. .free beers and high fives. .homemade zines. .kicking out the jams. .campfire singalongs. .shows. .the working class. .bowlers. .irish car bombs at the caravan. .tattoos. .SHIT SHOCKING. .pushing pencils. .journals and bar napkin scribbles. .empty pools. .second hand anything. .stream of consciousness and/or unconsciousness. .and your ma.
Favorite Music .house shows at locals only. .drunk jam sessions.