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Industry Arts
Occupation Jewelry Designer
Location United States
Introduction I love jewelry design, shopping, and fashion! My mom is from the Philippines. I'm a perfectionist. I'm a quote person. I think the color yellow is uplifting. I love the Food Network. I'm a sucker for anything sparkly. I believe that people should treat themselves for jobs-well-done and goals-achieved, whether it's with something simple like a Starbucks, or as extravagant as a Louis.
Interests jewelry design, fashion, clothes, shopping, purses, shoes, web design, art, music, poetry, crafty stuff, coffee, tea, dessert (the best part of the meal), photography, cooking, beaches, flowers, the color yellow, sparkly things, figure skating, the French language
Favorite Movies Among many (random mix - I warn you) - Clueless, Heaven & Earth, Dodgeball, The Craft, Big Daddy, Shrek 2, Interview with a Vampire, The Whole 9 Yards, Romeo & Juliet, The Dark Crystal, The Neverending Story, Forrest Gump, Elf, The Butterfly Effect, Saw, Beauty and the Beast, The Cutting Edge, Stand by Me, The Goonies, Gladiator, The Princess Bride, Labyrinth, All the Indiana Jones movies
Favorite Books The Chic Life has moved to (as of 01/15/08)

Never mind the turtle. Don't you think you're sure to win?

"To succeed, we must first believe that we can." - Michael Korda