Carole Poirot

About me

Occupation Interiors Stylist and Lifestyle Blogger
Location London, United Kingdom
Introduction I am passionate about interior design and decorating, cooking, baking, painting and photography. I love strolling through Shoreditch as much as visiting historic buildings, spending weekends unearthing treasures at markets, laughing with friends, or cuddling up with my two men. I'm a dreamer with a day job, a romantic with a big dose of cynicism, a mum with a motorbike, an admirer of beauty with an edge. I enjoy fashion from afar but lack the will to take part in every trend. I still haven't learned to walk in heels and (mostly) don't care. I wear bright red lipstick and don't feel fully dressed unless I wear perfume.
Interests Interior Design, Art, Photography, Sewing, Painting, Flea Markets, Antique Shops