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Gender Female
Location Alameda, CA, United States
Introduction I grew up in a small town in Michigan. I've loved writing & playacting since I was a kid when my imagination ran wild. I would often pretend I was a spy; a lone car following ours in the night became an enemy trailing me, and I would duck my head down in the back seat until they passed. I would then silently celebrate my brilliance in evading their evil clutches. My love of mysteries also dawned in childhood, & I would often congratulate myself on successfully solving every Nancy Drew, Sherlock Holmes or even Scooby Doo mystery I could. It was only natural then that I would write mysteries. I've written short stories & one full-length novel surrounding a sixteen year-old protagonist, & am working on the next book in the series. I also have several other mysteries floating around in my head. For my blogs, I like to write about the mysteries of the human psyche. It's fascinating to me why we do what we do, so these are often the things I ponder in my blogs.