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Occupation Graphics Designer
Location Amman-Jordan, Amman, Jordan
Introduction I’m an outgoing person who loves trying new things all the time, for my clothes I prefer comfortable and casual clothes with bright colors, casual shoes are really great, my hair is usually kind of short and natural. My favorite night out is to a normal place with friends and lots and lots of laughs, I like making multimedia products which are directed to raise awareness about the issues the whole world is facing. I love challenges a lot, and I love having new experiences because I know I’d learn something out of them. Knowing more about the lifestyles of others is interesting to me, and Peace is something that lives in me.
Interests My interests are everything related to art work form photography to graphics designing and film making, multimedia products are one of the favorites I love doing, and posters are things I’m designing all the time, Computers, Mobile phones, Internet, Networks in short new technologies are so capturing for me, writing in both English and Arabic are a window for my soul, reading eBooks is sometimes catchy, watching movies is a must also..
Favorite Movies My favorite TV shows are: “Oprah”, “Rachael Ray”, “Lost”, “NCIS” and “The O.C”. My favorite Movies are: “The lord of the rings”, “Kingdom of Heaven”, “Taxi”, “Mission impossible lll”, “Ocean’s eleven and twelve”, “Transformers”, “Jumper”, “Transporter 1, 2, 3”, “High School musical 1, 2, 3”, “Twilight”, “Eagle eye”.
Favorite Music My favorite artists are the international Spanish superstar “Enrique Iglesias”, and the international Canadian artist “Celine Dion” and “Colplay” the band of all time, all of these artists are amazing and charismatic it’s why I love them, also I love “BSB” and “Outlandish”; I love “Outlandish” because they carry all the issues of the Islamic world on their shoulders and they are so honest about the lyrics of their songs as well as their music, I listen usually to “Alicia Keys”, “Avril Lavigne”, “Blue”, “Britney Spears”, “Chris Brown”, “Miley Cyrus”, “Evanescence”, “Maroon5”, “Jojo”, “Jonas Brothers”, “Justin Temberlake”, “Linkinpark”, “N*Sync”, “Nick Carter”, “Ricky Martin”, “Rihanna”, “Shakira”, “Westlife” and “Yanni”. My favorite genres of music are “Latin”, “Pop”, “Rock”, “Soul R&B”, “Blues”, “Pop Rock” and “Alternative Rock”.