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Location SF, CA, United States
Introduction i'm not going to blow smoke up anyones keister ... i'm a guy with flaws but i work to be better ... i got some issues, some haters, and lots of bad habits ... i rub people the wrong way ... most likely ill tell you what you don't want to hear ... but its real ... i don't have many friends but i like it like that ... if you on the same bus its all good cause we ride or die ... i don't need any simple, closed minded, folks catching a free ride ... so don't try it kid ... but if you get to know me i'm cool as the other side of the pillow ... and i got jokes all day ... i used to smoke, drink and most everything else ... i been there, done that, and it made me better ... so don't sit back on your high horse and judge cause i really wouldnt trip off you anyway ... and if this shit sounds negative its because i made it that way ... quit taking your camera to the club so you could look like you have a life on facebook loser ... JDHT
Interests music, love, life, soul, passion, substance, spirit, house, dance, wax, LP's, 1200's, 2016's, cdj's, rane, Xb's, french vodka, full throttle, lyche sangria, cheese cakes, shrimp chips, sake, mon go bo din, red bullets, starbizzos, white mochas, pho, ramen, dim sum, jeans, hoodies, t-shirts, white thermal shirts, sneakers, diesel, north face, adidas, pumas, asics, vans, blue marlin, true religion, 575, e star, uncultured, eastbay, AX, manhattan portage, clove cigarittes, road trips, moving, shaking, go getting, kicking it up a notch, I-Pod, expression, creativity, poets, spoken word, red wine, sushi, sea food, tapas, iron chef, 3am, SF, chi-town, LA, NYC, Miami, Vegas, black and white film, sundance, soju cocktails, anime, Robotech, still photography, matisse, picasso, dali, G-shock, cheese, mental evolution, soul revolution, spiritual solution, emotion, manifold talent, dreams and dreamers, nerds, geeks, past lives, duality, universe, osmosis, lift, release, movie going, fire, attitude, fancy pants, artist, yin, yang, realness, chillaxin, gelato, kinetic, vibe, depth of thought, conversation, left, open minds, free spirits, forgiveness, movement, slurpees, big brains, trend setters, chemistry, girls with flash and pizzaz, mimosas, mojitos, dirty martini's, moscato, splenda, low carb, blue, rainy days, fish tacos, ocean, monster, mystic, bbq, effervescence, pomegranate juice, rum and diet coke, decompression, sobe lean, gewurtzaminer, cuban sandwiches, empanadas, bermuda rum, corned beef hash and over-easy eggs, tapatio, converse all stars, zero carb rockstars, cafe americanos, special noodle(new doe), blood orange soda and vodka over frozen blue berries, traxsource. com, garlic and butter crab, black, thai ice tea, Maker's Mark Manhattans, tuna fish with cheese sandwiches, Serato, Xbox 360, iPhone, D.C, french onion soup, creme brulee, samosas, naan, sea weed soup, kim chee, pepper flakes, mac book, white rabbit candy, menudo, siete mares, sunday brunch, bloody marys
Favorite Movies Ran, A Streetcar Named Desire, Citizen Kane, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Sin City, Pulp Fiction, The Departed, Silence Of The Lambs, Ju-On, Oldboy, Batman: The Dark Knight, Kill Bill, 300, Reservoir Dogs, Unbreakable, The Hustler, The Mack, The Godfather Pt. 1, The Five Deadly Venoms
Favorite Music House, Soul, R&B, Jazz, Latin, Old School, Deep Funk, Afrobeat, Reggae, Ska, Hip-Hop
Favorite Books Catcher In the Rye, The Warrior Of Light, KJV, The Art Of War, The Alchemist(original huh?), Where The Sidewalk Ends, The Art Of Happiness, How To Win Friends And Influence People ...

You've been invited to a fancy ball but the only thing you have to wear is an orange wooly jumper. What shoes do you wear?

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