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Introduction My husband Chris and I live in East Africa. In 2003 we travelled the continent in a vehicle and arrived in Uganda to see friends. We volunteered for a charity, fell in love with the country and stayed. We set up a safari company and brought some land on the river Nile. Life was good until September 4th 2008 when our world crashed down around our ears and I gave birth that night to our beautiful daughter, Ella - she was stillborn at 26 weeks. Seven months later I miscarried and so began the search to fix my broken body. A year on it was finally confirmed I had Asherman’s Syndrome, a low fertility count and was unlikely to conceive naturally again. I underwent surgery to heal my uterus and at the same time we decided to stop running safaris and build a lodge - we had nothing more to loose apart from our savings and sanity. In July 2010 lady luck bit me square on the rear - I fell pregnant naturally, and the brilliant Mr Leo Phoenix roared into our world on March 30th 2011. I miscarried again in January 2013 and surprisingly as per March 2014 I'm currently 4 months pregnant. It’s not been an easy few years but we continue to shuffle that deck of cards, forever hopeful.

What would you wear for camouflage if you were hiding in a gingerbread house?

I'd dress up as a panda, anything else (like a jelly tot) would have me eaten.