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Industry Sports or Recreation
Occupation Layabout
Location U.S. Outlying Islands
Introduction It's said that your first sentence is important: you've got to catch the attention of the reader, get to the point, set the scene. But if that's true, I've just blown it. No, I tend to believe that it's the third sentence that is the most important and that it's very important not to rabbit on and on; keep it short and don't waffle; there's nothing worse than a waffly third sentence drifting on and on without a sign of reaching a conclusion or even a clear purpose. "What's the point of sitting alone in your room? Come, hear the music play", sang Liza (with a zee) in that fine musical, 'Cabaret'. That's all very well, but not if your neighbour is playing "Welcome Home" by Peters and Lee at high volume at 3am while you're trying to sleep. That's not funny.
Interests Lump-hammers through the ages, trilobite poetry, the evolution of creationism
Favorite Movies The Good comma The Bad and The Ugly (sorry comma I can't punctuate that properly because Blogger uses a comma as the list delimiter:'duh' guys!)
Favorite Music My son doing his piano practice (it's such a rarity)
Favorite Books Ones with large print