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Gender MALE
Occupation Massage Therapist/Writer
Location Ontario, Canada
Introduction I'm based just outside of Toronto, Ontario. Ask if you want to know anything else.
Interests Reading, science, politics, cooking, sex, comedy, movies, sports, and fishing.
Favorite Movies Too, many, to, list, and, it, really, depends, on, the, day. Ask, if, you, want, to, know.
Favorite Music Again, there's, a, lot, . Basically, anything, but, country, . I, don't, drive, a, truck, I, have, a, cat, not, a, dog, . My, wife, is, still, with, me, and, I, don't, wear, cowboy, hats.
Favorite Books The Demon Haunted World, E=mc2, Einstein's Unfinished Symphony, Jude the Obscure, Love Poverty and War, Terror in the Name of God, Why People Believe Weird Things, so many others...

You've broken up with your old band and are about to release your first solo album. Please write the liner notes:

First of all, I'd like to thank...Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin and all the scientists of the past and present for giving us, literally, everything we have of value. Thank you. Play this loudly and dance.