Danzel @Silver Shoes and Rabbit Holes

About me

Location Kansas, United States
Introduction Like a "damsel in distress," but with an "n" and a "z." And I'm not in distress. Rather, I'm another mother, bookworm, & lover of things before my time.
Interests Children's literature, classic film, theatre, music, vegetarian cooking, history, Muppets, vintage toys, fairy tales, thrift stores, antique stores
Favorite Movies Old movies! Silents, pre-Codes, musicals, black & white and Technicolor! I also love Wes Anderson flicks, Midnight in Paris, Heavenly Creatures, Amelie, Poltergeist, funny stuff, fantasy films and costume dramas.
Favorite Music Singer-songwriter stuff, old country, old jazz, pop standards.
Favorite Books TOO MANY TO NAME!