About me

Location Burlington, VT
Introduction A MA native, Phil graduated from Worcester State College. He then moved to Santa Barbara, CA and spent 2 years working in spec. ed. During this time, he took on a PT job as a fitness trainer in trade for a gym membership. Phil realized here his calling and began delving into the science of nutrition for sport and wellness. In 1994, he joined Bio-Foods. Beginning as a small start-up, Bio-Foods became the successful Balance Bar Co. In his 6 years with the company, Phil handled tech support, QA and product dev. After Kraft’s purchase of Balance in 2000, Phil and family moved back to NE to Burlington, VT and he took a job with premiere nutrition supplement maker, Bariatrix. Phil is now the VP and co-founder of Smart Nutrition Co., a retailer of nutrition products, including Anytime Energy Foods. Tough Love Nutrition was started by Phil in 2006 as a compilation of his professional and personal experiences with nutrition and fitness. TLN is his crusade for good health and implores individuals to shake hype and appreciate the effectiveness of making intelligent food, fitness and supplement choices. Phil, his wife and two children continue to reside in Vermont.
Interests Besides the nutrition and fitness stuff, I also enjoy playing ice hockey and other sports, music (my iPod is always with me), following Boston sports teams (through good and bad), and ever-trying to improve on my mechanically- declined handy man skills.
Favorite Movies SuperSize Me and Pumping Iron for the TLN side, and many more for pure entertainment including almost anything with the SNL greats, and High School Musical when I have to sit through a video with the kids!
Favorite Music Everything from Beatles, Zeppelin, 80's and 90's Hip Hop/Rap, 80's Rock/New Wave, Jazz, and yes, even Smooth Jazz!
Favorite Books The one that kicked off my nutrition journey was Sugar Blues by William Dufty (eye-opening stuff!), and pleasure reading I enjoy going back and reading classic selections from my high school days like Lord of the Flies, Chocolate Wars, The Stranger, and For Whom the Bell Tolls

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