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Gender Male
Occupation Mournful Lowing
Location Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Introduction I'm a writer and ex-poet, a husband, a father of two boys. I was administrator of the dissident poetry website Foetry.Com from 2006 to 2007 after its founder Alan Cordle retired. I am the author of a book of poems, What the Road Can Afford (2005). In January 2007 I founded Useless Science, a progressive/reformist Jungian discussion forum for brainstorming, debating and experimental thinking about the psyche. I have been a member of the International Association for Jungian Studies since 2009. Since 2007, my writing has been entirely devoted to exploring, critiquing, and revising analytical psychology. It has been an ongoing experiment in self-examination and -education rather than a formal theory-building. My primary interests are the individuation process, tribe and identity, dream work, the practical treatment of the wounded psyche, and the psychodynamics of Jungian culture. My goal is to make a Jungian psychology that is compatible with mainstream science, which is a goal rarely valued or believed possible by other Jungians.