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Industry Banking
Occupation CSA I
Location Schickleburg, Florida, United States
Introduction when i figure it out, you'll be the first to know. i write this for me and not for you, but maybe you'll get a kick.
Interests your dad, my HUSBAND, being a pirate, launching things from my trebouchet, engaging in delightful conversation whilst smoking my pipe - yes, travelling, being generally very hott, BUNNIES!, concocting and hatching plans, home decor, damning the man, practicing ninjitsu, cooking, building my doomsday device, drinking beer, large bags of money, pornography, singing karaoke, making idle threats and scrapbooking.
Favorite Movies garden state, napoleon dynamite, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, back to the future, back to the future 2 [but not 3, that was anus.], amelie, far and away, let's make love, team america: world police, the breakfast club, bridget jones's diary, say anything, ghost world, orgazmo, billy madison, mrs. henderson presents, the pirates of the carribean, any movie featuring muppets, and any movie made by kevin smith or wes anderson [especially the royal tenenbaums].
Favorite Music i honestly have more musical interests than will fit in this stupid box.
Favorite Books i'm really into reading biographies. marlon brando, marilyn monroe, vivien leigh, jenna jameson, it doesn't matter who. i also love pretty much anything written by margaret atwood. the bridget jones series by helen fielding, anything written by john irving, angela's ashes by frank mccourt, and the book of bunny suicides. ooh, and any book done by angus oblong!

If you were a pirate, how would you avoid laughing when saying "poop deck"?

I couldn't! I'd just wave my hook at anyone who laughed at me and threaten to keel haul the whole lot of them. "Yarrr, ye scurvy curs - back to work!"