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Location Outer Banks, NC, United States
Introduction I'm so hungry, I could eat a vegetarian.
Interests Cooking, gardening, reading, photography, skydiving, big game hunting, extreme sports, bungee jumping, mountain climbing, horse racing, marathon running, kick boxing, runway modeling, tea parties, tablescaping.
Favorite Music Eclectic collection.
Favorite Books Oh, so, so many. Where do I start? My favorite? Madeleine L'Engle's "A Wrinkle In Time." From 4th grade. Oh and I loved the first Mrs. Piggle Wiggle.

What would you wear for camouflage if you were hiding in a gingerbread house?

Why does blogger generate stupid random questions? MY RANDOM QUESTION: Why when you multiply any number by 9 do all the resulting digits add up to 9? How do all the deer and the bears and the foxes know where to cross the highways right there at those signs?