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Introduction After a decade of working as a Social Worker with Institutionalized Adolescents I became a Stay at Home Mom when it became evident our second Son had Autism. Now raising four children with this disorder World of Warcraft became my life line to relaxation. I love Rogues and Lore, Daraia is really my alter ego, the type of person I would be if I didn't have to play the part of "Responsible Parent". She was the first toon I ever created on WoW and has remained my main ever since. Merla and Kessah were made at the same time and the three pretty much leveled equally until the Burning Crusade expansion. My other toons were lost at that time due to a Hack (pre authenticators)and slowly struggle to rebuild them. I did a lot of PvP in Vanilla WoW days and started casually raiding in Burning Crusade. I have been a guild leader for over four years, three of those as guild master. I started blogging at the encouragement of a guild mate who thought I would enjoy it...he was right! I have no idea what I am doing and most likely am going about EVERYTHING wrong, I will keep plugging away, attempting to improve.