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Gender Male
Location New York, NY, United States
Introduction Before you ask I’m not, to use Voltair’s phrasing, “that kind of hacker”. I’m not a scripter or skiddie or what ever you want to call those sorts of idiots; nor am I “that kind of hacker“, I’m not a black hat, cracker or any of the other names you might have for the people who give hackers and hacking a bad name. What I am is a reasonably knowledgeable, talented and opinionated child of the ‘information’ or ‘computer’ age. I am an infovore with a desire to learn and know and do. I am a technologist (and have been since I was allowed to use my parents’ computer back in the 80’s. I am an explorer, a researcher and a student of the electronic world. If you don’t like what I have to say, there is the rest of the Web for you to go to; if you disagree with me, at least try to mount a half-way decent argument based on facts. If you believe that any content on this blog infringes on your copyright or if you are included on a posted image and wish to be removed or have the image taken down, contact the owner at