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Occupation Slave to my family. Oh, crap! How did I get here? I wanted to be a dancer/writer/actress.....
Location Brighton, United Kingdom
Introduction I used to be wild. At 17 I was knocked up and deserted. At 22 I was addicted to recreational drugs and a rock n'roll lifestyle. By 30 I was married with 2 more kids and suffered a major breakdown. By 34, my eldest son had run off and my middle son was diagnosed with Aspergers High-functioning. At 40, my eldest son came home, and I finally qualified as an Accountant. It took 23 years to get my act together, but the Rebel is still there....
Interests Children, family, Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, People, relationships, pretending to be someone else, Reading, Swimming, trying to do Yoga and not end up in human knot, to keep calm peaceful and tranquil so as not to die of a heart attack from too much stress!
Favorite Movies Some Like it Hot, Blythe Spirit, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles
Favorite Books Blythe Spirit, The Cruicible, a bit of Sydney Sheldon, a smattering of Oscar Wilde, Pygmalion and the wonderfully delicious Wuthering Heights

Has anyone discovered the Meaning of Life yet?