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Occupation Human Services
Location A Galaxy Far, Far Away, United States
Introduction No matter what I'm doing, I'm thinking about Serving the Queens, Big A and Little A. Big A is extremely smart, very serious and learning how to use sarcasm for the better good. Little A is all laughs and giggles when she isn't counting things, organizing items by some pattern that only she can see or correcting everyone else around her and telling truths that don't need to be told. She was a complete surprise in my life; a constant reminder that sometimes what appears to be the darkest night is just the setting for an amazing dawn.
Favorite Movies Up, Fahrenheit 9/11, Pay It Forward, Four Weddings and a Funeral, The Blindside, The Natural, Sixteen Candles, Napolean Dynamite, Crash, Bowling for Columbine, My Best Friends Wedding, For Love of the Game(All Kelly Preston lines on "mute", please), Star Wars, Shakespeare in Love, A Christmas Story, Simon Birch, AND IN THE TV CATEGORY: The Office, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Reno 911, Arrested Development, SportsCenter, College Hoops and Football (Go Blue), The Detroit Tigers
Favorite Music Almost anything from the 80's & 90's.
Favorite Books Any works by David Sedaris and Dorothy Parker, The Secret Life of Bees, A Prayer For Owen Meany, Fortune's Rocks, Bridget Jones Diaries, Robert Frost, The Turtle Warrior, Harry Potter Series, Girls Guide to Hunting & Fishing, The Boys of My Youth, She's Come Undone, Fiona Range, Last of the Honkey Tonk Angels, The Second Coming of Lucy Hatch, Heartbreak Town & Return of the Stardust Cowgirl, Harry Potter Series, Daily Reads: