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Favorite Movies godard, fellini, kurosawa, luis bunuel, cronenberg, tarantino, french new wave
Favorite Music mastadon, messhuggah, opeth, mozart, chopin, beethoven, the fall, rossini, wagner, rachmaninov, respighi
Favorite Books becket :, the unnamable, Becket :, murphy, amis :, london fields, sartre :, age of reason, joyce :, ulysees, chomsky :, on anarchism, bennett :, writing home, kafka :, metamorphosis and other stories, , shaw :, man and superman, london :, star rover, dostoevsky :, the idiot, flaubert :, madame bovary, butler :, way of all flesh, homer :, odyssey, ferguson :, civil society, humboldt :, limits of state action, mill :, on liberty, proust :, finding time again, cervanties :, don quixote, eliot :, romola, thackery :, vanity fair, hardy :, return of the native, debord :, society of the spectacle, ali :, pirates of the carribean, nietzche :, thus spoke zarathustra, nietzche :, the antichrist, voltaire :, candide, chekov : plays of, fisk :, the great war for civilisation, wittgenstein :, philisophical enquirys, james :, the american, george Meredith :, The egoist, celine :, journey to the end of the night