Joe Zaccaria

About me

Gender Male
Industry Consulting
Occupation Security Consultant
Location Langley, BC, Canada
Introduction I lived and worked in Bangkok, Thailand before coming to the Vancouver area in 2001. I fell in love with Vancouver when I visited in 1999 and decided then to make it my home. In early 2005 I took a drive out to the Township of Langley for a few days and liked what I saw. It was then that I purchased a home in the Township and an office in the City of Langley shortly thereafter. I love Langley! I've toured the globe for work and pleasure, and have had some great adventures in this thing called life. I consider myself fortunate to have experienced many places in our world as something more than a quick tourist. So I bring my knowledge of other cultures and places into everything I do. As one man said, "How you do anything is how you do everything". Its good to have a different perspective on things and to be open to new ideas. I've lived the transportation nightmares of major gridlock in the mega-city of Bangkok, Beijing and many others. I don't want to see my Langley community become a nightmare as well and each year the commute times and traffic just seem to get worse. That's why I helped form South Fraser OnTrax with my good friend and smart neighbor, Nathan Pachal.
Interests Light rail, global travel, adventure, trains, planes, ships and all modes of transportation.
Favorite Movies Almost anything true life
Favorite Music From jazz to rap and hip hop. Its all good!
Favorite Books "Getting There, The Epic Struggle Between Road and Rail in The American Century", by Stephan B. Goddard